Find a song, despite iTunes search

“… Hands across the water!  (Water … )  hands across the sky! … dah, dah, DAH”

What a fun old song!  I’m going to download it on iTunes right now.  05 iTunes bad search

Nope.  It isn’t any of these.  What was the name of that song?  I’ve had good luck searching for songs by bits of lyrics with Google:10 Google lyrics search

I check the first link and hit gold.  It’s by Paul McCartney, who really named the song “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.”  Who would have guessed?15 Google hit

Now back to iTunes with a working search term:20 iTunes good search

Wouldn’t it be nice if iTunes did this all by itself?  Steve Jobs, we miss you   8( 

Here’s an enlightening discussion about the demise of iTunes’ Power Search feature in version 11.  If you still have version 10, you may not want to upgrade.


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