MS Word 2011; different header / no header on the first page (OSX)

A typical manuscript formatting requirement is to number all your pages except for the first one.  <RANT> Microsoft manages to bury this seemingly simple task far away from the creation of headers and page numbers.  Then they further obfuscate it with “ribbons” of tools that change with every release, and with confusing online help.  </RANT>

If you’re using Apple’s OSX, you’re in luck.  Instead of ribbons, we can still use menus.  If you’re on Windows, this short procedure may still be helpful.

Click the Fromat menu and select Document.  The Document dialog displays.word 05 doc format

Click the Layout tab of the Document dialog.  Adjust it like this screenshot.  Under “Headers and footers” check “Different first page.”  Make sure this applies to the whole document.  (If your document has sections, you’ll need to experiment here.)  Click OK.word 10 doc format

Click the View menu and select Header and footer.  The top and bottom of your document are revealed for editing, along with some information and a Close button in blue boxes.word 15 insert header

In this example, I only want headers on the pages after the first page.  So I type my header into the top of the second page and click Close.

word 20 header

That’s it!  Happy writing.


7 thoughts on “MS Word 2011; different header / no header on the first page (OSX)

    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      I’m sure this is possible; but I’ve never had to do it. I’m guessing that, if you’ve defined your sections in Word by separating them with section breaks, you’ll be in a better position to give the sections unique headers.

  1. Nicole Garner

    I tried this and it didn’t work. Instead of giving me no header on subsequent pages, it made the header on the first page blank and inserted the header on all of the other pages.


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