What you can do about Monsanto and GMOs in food

Learn about Monsanto and GMOs

MAM rally

March Against Monsanto Seattle rally, 5/25/13.

What is wrong with this company?  And how does its business model amount to an assault on our food supply, agriculture and the environment? 

A lot of information is available online; just Google it, or try the links below.  It’s good to be informed, but take it easy and don’t get bogged down and discouraged from doing anything.  Also, as you read about this topic you may feel a growing sense of depression and helplessness.  Truly, we should have stopped these guys ten years ago.  Don’t give in to it; Monsanto’s poisoned future doesn’t have to turn real.  Get in touch with other activists and take positive action to recharge.

Ten Things That Monsanto Does Not Want You To Know, by the Organic Consumers Association.  This short but incendiary list will give you the energy to learn and do more.

Wikipedia on Monsanto.  To me the most interesting parts of this article are Monsanto’s history, instances of false advertising, and its lobbying and coercion of governments.  Keep in mind that anybody can update Wikipedia, including supporters of Monsanto and Monsanto’s own employees.  So this is probably as evenhanded an account as you’ll find.

HowStuffWorks on Monsanto.  This collection of articles and news stories brings up more things Monsanto doesn’t want you to know.

Comparison of GMO vs. non-GMO Corn in NaturalNews.  If you aren’t afraid of eating a few customized genes, how about formaldehyde?

Monsanto about itself.  What’s missing from their corporate web site is more educational than what’s included.  Try their search engine.

Watch the news for related legislation

Watch the news for legislation related to Monsanto, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), GE (genetically engineered) foods, and food labeling.  Google News automatically finds news stories for topics that you specify.  Click the gearwheel icon in the top right corner to personalize your Google News.  Once you set this up, all you have to do is glance over one web page to see what’s going on.  Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 10.23.31 PM

You can also do a one-time search for stories, using the search box at the top of the page.

For upcoming votes, contact your congressperson with your input.

Check how your congresspersons voted

 For votes already taken, in the news story, find a description of the legislation and the date of the vote.

Clipped from rt.com/usa .

Clipped from rt.com/usa .

For a Senate action, check recent floor activity.  Set the date of the vote on this page; then click the Roll call votes link.  The site displays a table of votes taken on that day.  Find the vote you’re interested in by description, and click the vote number link in the left margin.Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 10.44.55 PMThe site shows a report of the vote.  At the bottom is a list of senators by name and how they voted.Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 10.49.26 PMAt this point the genetically engineered horse is out of the barn!  But you can still make a note of votes you don’t like for your reference next election.

Boycott Monsanto products

You won’t find many Monsanto products at the mall or grocery store.  However, here is a list of Monsanto seed and weed-control brands.

Another widely-posted list entitled “Monsanto Comapnies – Do Not Buy” is false, as detailed by Snopes.  The companies in the list aren’t owned by Monsanto.  They might be incorporating Monsanto ingredients, or ingredients produced by farmers or other companies using Monsanto seeds or chemicals, into their products.  But there’s no way to know that; the list’s creator and information sources are unknown.

Boycott companies that oppose labeling foods with GMOs

Here we’re on solid ground.  These companies had to go on record when they donated to the campaign to defeat Proposition 37 in California in 2012.  See their product logos in this poster by Cornucopia.org.  Caution; even with a high speed broadband connection, it took me about a minute to download the file.  Your patience will be rewarded with a shock; many of these products are shelved in your natural and organic grocery storeScreen Shot 2013-05-27 at 3.42.51 AMThe poster also shows products offered by companies that donated to the campaign to support the initiative.  They deserve your support.

Stay in touch

On Facebook; March Against Monsanto, Food and Water Watch.  Also Monsanto Boycott.  Google for more organizations, but be wary of panicky bloggers and conspiracy-mongers who probably mean well but are just spreading confusion.   Rely on news sources that employ real journalists.


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