The bees of war

I was startled, and to be honest, rather pleased last week when someone told me they’d seen a news article posted in Facebook that said Russia has threatened war over the mass extinction of bees caused by Monsanto.  Maybe, if our politicians won’t listen to the people, our recent enemy can get their attention!

So I started looking for information about this national security crisis.  I soon found a very impressive web page featuring the story.  It looked like a newspaper, so the story must be true.  In fact, the further down the Google results list I went, the more often I found the very same story.  Woohoo, this is really happening!

But then I noticed that any news source that employed professional journalists omitted the story about the coming war with Russia over bees.  So much for the Fourth Estate safeguarding democracy.  Even Russia Television carried only a boring version of the Putin/Kerry encounter, claiming that they merely discussed the Syrian civil war.  I had no idea that the megacorporation/Illuminati/world government conspiracy could even silence a news outlet of the onetime “Evil Empire.”  Clearly, Monsanto will stop at nothing; and we should be very afraid.

And then I started to find web pages written by fascist liberal conservative corporate lackey honeycombRoundup addicts who cast doubt on Putin’s dreadful bee-timatum.  Reddit members ridiculed the alert, despite the outcry by some courageous defenders of truth that Einstein warned us this very thing would happen.  There was some uncertainty over whether Einstein said this or some other equally-impressive scientific guy did.  Maybe it was Stephen Hawking, or Stephen King.  The main thing is that we were warned, we didn’t pay any attention, and now we’re going to suffer.  I’m watching for Einstein to post a reply and clear up this technicality, if those GMO-snorting trolls haven’t gotten to him as well.

Next I discovered that some black-hearted disinformator had gotten Snopes to further sully its reputation by posting that the whole thing is a hoax.  Feeling the weight of impending doom, I knew what I had to do; go straight to the source.  A close reading of the story determines that its author is Sorcha Faal, a Russian scientist.  She’s a Russian (which is the next best thing to being a Vulcan), a scientist (like the heroine of Crystal Skull) and a woman.  Women are smart.  And, boy, this one must be hot.  I could not believe the trash talk that’s going around about this bee-saving heroine.  Just one example; Rational Wiki claims that some blogger made her up to pep up his cooked news.

Not only that, but the Rational Wiki page I cited above was created on May 23, 2011, two years before the fateful Putin/Kerry encounter.  It turns out that Sorcha Faal wrote a lot of stories before she revealed we’re about to have a war.  And I’m sure that every one of those stories is as crucial as this one and is absolutely true.  So, all of the bloggers and other news sources had access to this disinformation about the noble Sorcha Faal in plenty of time to check their stories!

Nonetheless, many web posts about the Bee War, even the ones updated a week after Snopes’ May 29, 2013 pronouncement–and even those updated up to the moment I’m writing this (June 6, 2013)–are sticking to their guns.  For example, the Thom Hartmann Program, Mail Online, Godlike Productions, Survivalist Daily and Free-Haven are just a few of the web sites that are standing by Sorcha Faal and ignoring the foolish bleating of the stubbornly ignorant.  The vast majority of bloggers agree that, thanks to Monsanto’s bee-genocide, we’re practically nuclear toast already.

As for our so-called news media, they’ve just ignored the whole thing.  Does nuclear war mean nothing to them?  True, because they’re all owned by the Illuminati; or by Monsanto, which amounts to the same thing.  What’s the point of boycotting Monsanto, or suing them over the escaped GMO test wheat in Oregon, or passing laws to make food producers label products containing GMOs, when the news media is/are ignoring the real crisis?

Well, I say fine — we don’t need them anyway!  Because we have social media now.

One ray of hope sustains me.  That is that, when the missiles start to fly, even though many if not most of us will come to a sudden fiery end, a few bees will quite likely survive to start the world anew.


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