The road home; June 2013

This is the last part of our trip thru Washington, Idaho and Montana.  Click on any picture to see a larger version of it   8)

MT-WA homeward mapThu 6/27

We headed west on I-90 toward Seattle and home.  Much of the mountainous road was being rebuilt, so traffic was limited to one lane each way.

In Spokane Valley, Washington, we stopped at the house of Pat’s nephew Lennon and his wife WA sushi dragonGina; but we missed them.  We had an elegant dinner at Sushi Sakai; my sushi was arranged in the shape of a dragon.

Fri 6/28

We couldn’t put together a breakfast with Lennon and Gina; but Pat had a long phone visit with Lennon.  On our way out of Spokane, we stopped to explore the city’s Riverside Park.  The park is centered around a group of rocky islands in the Columbia. River and the rapids and waterfalls between them.  It was the setting for a world fair, Expo ’74.

The temperature went up to 94.  So we ran for home past fields of wheat, corn and alfalfa, then desert, then the Cascade Mountains.  The malfunction indicator light came on again, and we fantasized about buying a new car.  In Seattle we unpacked the car and I washed it (but I’ll have to work on it some more to get off all the bugs).  We celebrated the successful conclusion of our trip at Pegasus Pizza on Alki Beach.


More photos by Paul

More photos by Pat

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