Photoshop Elements 11; print two copies of a picture on one page

Photoshop Elements (PE) is a marvelous program.  It gives you the double pleasure of doing something really subtle  and powerful with a picture, and solving the problem of how to do it using the kludgy interface.  Printing multiple copies on a page isn’t a subtle effect, but at least we have the satisfaction of beating the interface into submission.  The secret is; make a picture package that contains multiple copies, then print the picture package.

Make a picture package

Bring your picture into the editor.  In the top center, make sure the Expert tab is clicked.  (Picture packages are disabled for the other tabs.)  Click the File menu and select Picture package.PE 05 choose set

Use the following screenshot as a guide for arranging the copies in your picture package.PE 10 make set

  • Set Page size to approximate the size of your paper; 8.5×11 inches doesn’t seem to be a choice.  Make a note of this setting. 
  • The Layout selector sets both the number of copies and the sizes of the copies.
  • If you wish, click Edit the layout and drag the copies into the positions you want (to make wider margins between them, for instance).

When you click OK and return to the Editor, notice that a new tab has been created.  Its label begins with “Picture package.”

Print the picture package

In order to print just this picture package and not the original picture, close the original tab by clicking the “X” in it.PE 15 close orig

Click the File menu and select Print.PE 20 print set

In the Print dialog, make sure that the print size is set to the value of the page size you used to create the picture package.  Otherwise, the copies will be printed at a different size than you wanted.  Click Print.

PE 25 printing


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