Cross-country skiing and shipwreck-chasing in northern Europe; spring 2015

A month ago I couldn't spell Reykjavik; now I am one!

This year, Seattle’s 1 World Outing Club operated by Lance Young offered a cross-country skiing expedition to Sweden and Iceland.  I was sure they’d have better snow than we did!  Plus, I have three friends in London, and 16th century maritime history fascinates me. So I thought of a bold plan; ski with the club for two weeks.  And, after the rest of the ski group flies home, head to England for two more weeks of visiting friends and touring the southwest coast by train and airplane.  (map)

I foresaw one complication; what would I do with my skis when I got to England?  I certainly couldn’t drag them around on the British Railway for two weeks.  As it turned out, there were plenty of other complications to keep me entertained.

This post is an introduction to my journal of these trips.  In case you’re really just interested in one trip or the other, I’m providing a link to the first post for each of them.

Progress to the next post by clicking the link in the bottom right corner.

Click any picture to enlarge it.  You can progress thru the posts in date order by clicking the link in the bottom right corner of each post, as in this example. In case you just want to see pictures, here are links to the pictures of each trip.

I also made several specialized galleries.  They have more pictures that may interest some people I know.

In the top right corner of any Flickr gallery, click the computer icon to start the slide show.

Many people helped me before, during and after this adventure when I really needed it.  In particular, I’m grateful to my wife Patricia, the Outing Club’s Lance Young, my fellow skiers and my English friends.  I’m also grateful to fellow train passengers, shopkeepers, security guards, innkeepers and all sorts of people who helped me.  I mentioned some of them in my journal; there were many others.


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