iPhone iOS; Stop robocalls (automated recording calls)

Armed with computers, able to spoof phone numbers, and hiding offshore from law enforcement, robocallers are on the loose again.  Robocallers are a huge annoyance when they call your cell phone because they chew up your minutes.  Here are two things I’m doing about them.


Still worth doing, I think; get your phone numbers on the FCC’s Do Not Call list.  If you get a robocall, complain.  Even if nothing happens, complaints may at least build statistics that could justify some kind of preventive action.

Block the calling number

On the iPhone, with a couple of taps you can block the number that originated a robocall.  Caveats:

  1. You’ll need to leave the entry for the originating number in your Recents list, to have a place to store the “Do Not Call” instruction.
  2. I’ve read that it’s possible for a caller to “spoof” that they called from a different number than they actually were at.  So they could get around your block by spoofing a different originating number. 

What to do:

05 recentsIn the Phone app, in the bottom tool bar, touch Recent.  The log of recent calls displays.  Find the number that called you.  At its right end, click i (information).






10 blockFlip to the bottom of the information display.  Click Block this caller.








Click to confirm you want to block the contact, or cancel.









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