LUX HD450; beware the laughing bearded man

spider-linkIf you’re researching the LUX HD450 clip-on phone lens, I’ll tell you up front; I don’t recommend the lens or the company selling it.

One of the LUX HD450 websites you might land on features an impressive signed statement by Lead Technologist Simon Greig, based in Suttgart; his photo is above.

I wondered.  Could a company whose headquarters is a post-office box really have a Technologist?  A Lead Technologist (implying that he supervises a team of Lesser Technologists)?  In Suttgart (implying that LUX HD450 has a laboratory or something cool like that in Germany)?  Wow!

Let’s have some fun with a different kind of Google search.  You can upload a photo to Google, search on it, and get a list of web pages in which the picture appears.  It turns out that photos of the laughing bearded man are for sale on a number of image websites like Shutterstock and Dreamtime.  What an interesting man Lead Technologist Simon Greig is to have a second career as a model.

Now here’s an intriguing result.  The laughing bearded man has also given a testimonial for LuxQue, which describes itself as “A boutique real estate marketing firm.”  But the testimonial is signed “Alex P., Pulatani Builders.”

And here’s an even more intriguing result.  David Cowen, Lead Engineer for Infernal Lighter (an electric lighter for cigs or whatever) looks just like Simon Greig!  And this website is just like the LUX HD450 website, right down to the Order From that once you enter you cannot escape save by closing the browser tab.

And, now, the Twilight Zone result.  A photographer coincidentally named Simon Greig includes this copyrighted photo in his Shutterstock portfolio of pictures for sale.  His description; “An adult male in his early forties with a full beard wearing a jacket and shirt. He is laughing.”

If Greig were marketing a picture of himself with this description, he’d be a funny man indeed.

If you’re already a victim, here are some thoughts about getting your money back.

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8 thoughts on “LUX HD450; beware the laughing bearded man

  1. Ozzie Alfonso

    Why don’t we all file a “CONSUMER COMPLAINT AGAINST A BUSINESS” issued by the office of the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris.
    We are about to do so even though HD450 has agreed to reimburse all our money pending return of all materials. It took a month for us to get the lenses, and as with most of you, we received 5 identical sets, and much to my surprize the “upgrade” was nothing but a three year warranty. LUX HD450 is engaged in false and misleading advertizing, exorbitantly overpriced products (one similar set of lenses can be had for $12 in Amazon – which by the way does NOT sell LUX HD450s contrary to what LUX might try to make you believe. Get the form from the California Attorney General. It might seem like small potatoes but I think if enough irate customers complain it won’t be small potatoes at all. I’m thinking LUX has already ripped off hundreds of unsuspecting customers with their deceptive advertizing. LET’S GET THE BASTARDS.

    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      Don’t count on any such promises. From what I’ve seen, they’re just delaying tactics.

      I didn’t buy lenses from the company, so I can’t file a complaint. But I encourage wronged customers to do so. Also, I’ve seen complaints to the Better Business Bureau result in refunds.

      1. Ozzie Alfonso

        We returned the six sets today. Gave them a tracking number, and just received an email reimbursing the full amount. Along with the lenses we included a copy of the letter to the Attorney General. I’ll keep an eye on our credit account to see how long it takes for the reimbursement to appear. I hope some of us customers have complained loud enough to make a difference. Still their dishonest sales campaign and their overpriced lenses needs to be kept in the public eye. Similar lenses are going for under $20 in Amazon with no strings attached. Also, contrary to LUX’s ad, their lenses are NOT carried by Amazon. They appear as a link in Amazon to an external site with Amazon clearly stating they are NOT Amazon.

      2. Ozzie Alfonso

        The money has shown up in our account. We won but how many others have fallen victim of this scam?

    2. Timothy

      I’m in total agreement with you. I ordered it out of curiosity & bought it as a GIFT!.Lol.!! someone! The instant i put it on, i knew I was into troubles….a scam! The customer service man is an Indian outsource agency…besides his strong accent making it near impossible to communicate, the poor guy has no idea what he is being used for! I returned the product with a package tracer 2 weeks ago, not a word from them. I’m 40 minutes from Del Mar….the line is now always busy…I have been had. I will join anyone of you to go after
      this and any fraudulent scams collectively as a body, including class action lawsuits
      It’s principles here! Thanks for starting the Ball rolling…..

      1. pablovilas13 Post author

        I may take you up on that offer. Thanks. Now I advise you to block and change your credit card, or your losses may only have begun.

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