LUX HD450 clip-on phone lens; irate customers

Here is a summary of incidents I’ve been told about in replies to my posts about this lens set.  Most replied to my initial post about this product on WordPress; others posted to the “Skeptics” Facebook page I created about the product.  Some people reported more than one of these incidents.


spider-linkResearched, decided not to order; 8 people.  Good for you!  Reasons given included the countdown timer on the vendor’s website, the pressure to buy multiple units, blurry images of credit cards on the order form and unbelievable reviews.

  • “Did some digging to find some reviews and found exactly what you found; a bunch of vague overenthusiastic posts on a bunch of ‘planted’ web sites.”
  • “Everybody, please do due diligence when shopping for any products, online or face-to-face!! Much easier to keep your money safe and in your account if you don’t click that online link and fall innocent prey to these unscrupulous online scammer con-artists lowlifes!”

Read post, decided not to order; 16 people.

  • “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! They almost got me. Will spread the word.”

I’m glad I was able to help.  Typically, about 4% of people respond to a query.  So I’m hoping that my posts dissuaded 400 (or many more) people from getting entangled with the HD450 outfit, and generally encouraged consumer wariness toward the Internet.

Read post, cancelled order; 1 person.  Shad o’Hayes managed to reverse the charge after reading the post.

  • “As soon as it clears, the B of A is going after them, hopefully with snarling bulldogs.”

Unexpected/unauthorized charges; 5 people.  These stories told of a combination of bait-and-switch marketing, mysterious charges and delivery of unordered products.  Several people were confused and thought their problems might be their own fault.  But to me it looks like confusion is a strategy of the HD450 outfit.

  • “I just purchased this product but found I was billed for five of the items when I know I purchased only one. In addition, I was charged $72 for a warranty, that they called an upgrade.”
  • “I thought … that I would be paying 29.95 only to find out that would be the cost for each item if you ordered 5 (very fine print). I contacted the company and was told … the cost for one box was 58.00 and since there was an error I didn’t have to pay for the shipping and handling. to my suprise not only was I charged 85.00 (shipping and handling) for the product but I was also sent 5 items and was charged 185.00. (double charged).”

BTW, Amazon sells the same lenses for $9.99 plus shipping.  You’ll deal with a reliable company, and you’ll only have to buy one set to get that price.  But, as they’re identical, the lenses from Amazon are no better than the overpriced ones from HD450.

Poor service; 3 people.  Service seems to get especially poor once they have your money.

  • “My card was charged at two locations. Said I would be getting an email receipt with information within a few minutes. Still haven’t heard from them via email. No answer calling customer service for two days. Finally got a real person who said he would see I got an email right away. Nope. I’m beginning to doubt there actually is a product.”

Received product; 2 people.  Delivery is slow, and the product is toy-quality at best.  Review to come.

Critical Facebook post was deleted; 2 people.  When I started looking into this product, the HD450 outfit had a “fan club” Facebook page.  Facebook’s TOS requires that pages that appear to host user discussions about a product not be owned by the vendor.  Wildlife photographer Lee Duer and I posted critical comments on it; they were promptly deleted.  So I created a “Skeptics” Facebook page to host real customer posts where the vendor couldn’t censor them.  The “fan club” page soon disappeared.

“Infuriates me that these low-lifes get off with no consequences on taking folks’ hard-earned money!”  My feelings exactly.  There’s nothing practical we can do about HD450 and the like but warn each other and learn.  Buyer beware.

If you’re already a victim, here are some thoughts about getting your money back.

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7 thoughts on “LUX HD450 clip-on phone lens; irate customers

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this site! It kept me from ordering this product and on Amazon I found a similar one with many good reviews for a lot less money!

    1. pablovilas13 Post author

      Hard lesson: refuse any packages. Contact your card issuer’s fraud dept. have the charge reversed, the card blocked and ask for a new card. You’ll have to switch any scheduled/automatic payments to the new card yourself.

  2. Russell Rebman

    I saw the ad on facebook and thought it sounded interesting so I clicked the ad and was taken to their website. The first red flag for me was their claim of being as good or better than a DSLR camera. But if the quality of the photos was close to their claims, not such a bad deal, right? So I continue reading. The second red flag was they did not mention the maximum zoom. Being an Amazon customer I decided to check their site for more info. Third red flag, couldn’t find the LUX HD450 on Amazon even though it came up in a google search. Fourth red flag, the LUX HD450 was identical to a number of offers on Amazon for $19.99 or less. And the Apexel $19.99 version comes with a tripod stand, cleaning cloth and two mounting clips and has a four star review. Decided to read the “verified purchase” reviews and the majority are positive. But they admit to the flaws as pointed out in Pablo’s honest review. But for $19.99, including free shipping for Prime members, they get everything. And I’m assuming the 5 star reviews are because even with its limitations, for $19.99 the benefits outweigh the cons. Fifth red flag, decided to do some research and came across Pablo’s website with an honest review. So count me in as one who decided to research and not order.

    Speaking of which, after reading Pablo’s review calling it a scam I decided to visit their website and test their ordering feature. I wasn’t concerned because I had no intention of ordering and was on a page protected by Kaspersky, so I click their Order Now button and am taken to their order page. But when I attempt to go back to the previous page in my browser, I’m prevented and keep getting redirected to their order page. Although I was already up to five red flags, this one was a sixth and a definite sign of a scam. And the seventh red flag was that they only accept Visa and MasterCard. Any legitimate online business uses or PayPal, and both services allow checking out with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc. Perhaps I’m aware of this because I am a legitimate online merchant. But people need to be aware of this and to educate themselves.


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