I love my iPod classic

  1. With 150 GB of storage, it holds an enormous amount of music.  So far I’ve loaded over 2,000 songs — eight days of music.  And it’s still so hungry!screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-2-37-58-pm
  2. I can stick it onto the player in the shop where I work, my stereo, my portable speaker and my alarm clock.  It plays and charges itself.  My iPhone has the wrong kind of socket, at least for the gadgets I have now.  I can plug it into some things with a headphone cable, but that won’t charge it.
  3. My iPod Classic can play a playlist.  And it can play a folder full of playlists, shuffling all their songs together.  My iPhone is so sophisticated that it can only play a playlist.
  4. I love the click wheel.  I just click its edges and swipe it around to pick menu items or songs or set the volume, and it always works.  Does touching your iPhone screen always work?  Half the time it ignores me, or it queues up all my gestures and plays them back when it has time and they’re no longer what I want.
  5. The interface never changes.  It’s simple and I know how to use it, and I’ll always know.  My iPhone has changed a lot since I bought it; I guess Apple got bored with the icon designs.  And they made it so if you touch any side of the screen it gets covered over by something you didn’t want.
  6. When I use it, it never pesters me; it just works.  I was using my phone last week to record an interview in a room that didn’t have cell reception, and it decided I had to enter my iTunes password right then.  So I did; but it balked because it couldn’t get connectivity to verify my password.  So it asked again, and again, and again … I’m just grateful that Super Notes kept on working even tho it was covered over by the password request box.  Another time, I wanted to play a playlist in the same room, and it asked me for the iTunes password.  Why?  I guess to check iCloud and see if the playlist was current.  Of course with no connectivity it kept balking.  I had to put it in Airplane Mode to make it stop asking for passwords.
  7. It doesn’t ask me to update its software every time I’m in a WiFi.  Of course, it doesn’t work over WiFi.  But the main thing is, I can keep on using it without putting up with all these interruptions and demands.
  8. When I sync it to my computer, it still doesn’t ask me to update its software.  I suppose because Apple has given up on whatever primitive software is in it.  That’s okay.  The device is so simple that there’s hardly any refuge for bugs.
  9. If I forget to click “Dismount” on my Mac before unplugging my iPod Classic, it doesn’t care.  If I forget it with my iPhone, I get a nasty message from my Mac about an unexpected storage device disconnection.

The only downer is that its battery is shot.  I have to plug it into some power source to use it.  It’s worth doing.  If I’m on the go, I’ll settle for listening to my iPhone.

If you have an iPod classic, get a case for it.  Treasure it and baby it, and load it up; it can hold enough music to make your ears bleed.  If you don’t, try to get one.  They don’t make them any more, so time is running out.



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