MacOS Sierra; Install a font

Here’s me installing a font on my iMac.  This kind of font is for use by programs running on the iMac — not for things that run on the Web, such as WordPress.

First, find a font.  I wanted a font that looks like Scrabble tiles, so I googled for “Scrabble font.”  I found some free ones.

Obtain the font file on your computer.  The web page on which I found the Scrabble font has a download button under the font.  So I clicked it.  This placed the files in a folder in my Downloads folder.5 find font

Install the font on your computer.  Every MacOS user has a hidden folder named Library.  It contains a folder named Fonts.  All you have to do is put the downloaded font in this folder.

  1.  In Finder, open menu Go.  While it’s open, hold down the ALT and Shift keys.  The Library folder will appear as a choice in the Go menu.  Click it.10 library
  2. Navigate to the Fonts folder, and open it.
  3. Open a second Finder window, and in it navigate to the location of the font file.  Mine is in a folder in Downloads.  The filename suffix is .ttf (for True Type Font).
  4. Drag the font file to the Fonts folder.15 drag

Now you should see the font as a choice in any program that uses the MacOS fonts.  At the top of this post you see me using my new font in Pages.


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